Free parking is available during the day for visitors and patients attending out-patient appointments. There are no provisions for patients to leave cars at the hospital overnight.


The hospital ‘Coffee Dock’ opens daily with a range of hot and cold meals and snacks for staff, visitors and patients.


All room have private telephones for patients use. The use of mobile phones within the hospital building is strictly prohibited.


Flat screen televisions are provided in all patient rooms.


Aut Even Hospital advises visiting hours are from 11am – 9.15pm. We would ask visitors to be mindful of visiting patients outside of meal times. Patient care is our priority, at times it will be necessary to ask visitors to leave while a procedure is being carried out, or to limit the number of visitors.

Infection Control 

For infection control reasons, we would ask visitors who have experienced an episode of sickness or diarrhoea in the previous two days, to refrain from visiting relatives or friends in hospital.

Please communicate with ward staff in relation to necessary infection control precautions if highlighted. We strongly advise the use of the hand sanitisers before and after visiting patients to minimise the risk of infection.


Aut Even in common with all public buildings in Ireland operates a strict no smoking policy within the building. Designated smoking areas are provided within the hospital grounds.