Aut Even occupational therapist Tom Bryan, BSc graduated from The Robert Gordon University of Aberdeen, Scotland in 2011 with a degree in Occupational Therapy. Tom has worked in an acute medical background and is credited with many service reforms in his past and current post.

At Aut Even Hospital, Kilkenny the occupational therapist plays a significant role in the recovery of our orthopaedic patient(s). The role involves dealing with the muscles and limbs of an individual.  An Occupational therapist helps in recovery and enables an individual to be as occupational independent as functionally possible.

In addition occupational therapy focus on the entire occupational performance of an individual; this includes our patient(s) mental health and wellbeing. Our occupational therapist offers cognitive screening and assessment.

What  our Occupational Therapist can do for you:

  • Assess your level of independence to: walk, transfer (from chair, toilet, bed & car), Self-care upper half & lower half (washing and dressing).

  • Identify your personal strengths and weakness in occupation(s).

  • Assess the structure of your home environment and identify any environmental changes required.

  • Educate you on safety precautions post total hip replacement.

  • Support you to be as independent as you can be.


The future of Occupational Therapy at Aut Even Hospital:

Our Occupational Therapist Tom Bryan is working to promote the role of occupational therapy at Aut Even Hospital. The aim is to offer occupational therapy assessment and intervention to all appropriate admissions.
If you’re in need of orthopaedic care, see how our Occupational Therapist can benefit you today.