The following is advice for those attending Aut Even for an inpatient procedure.


  • All patients should go to main reception to check in. Please bring photo identification with you (i.e. a current passport or driver’s license).
  • We advise you to bring any relevant scans/x-rays with you also.


  • Your Consultant will tell you if it is necessary for you to stop eating or drinking prior to your admission. If you are unsure about fasting please check with your Consultant and/or Consultant secretary. It is important that you follow your fasting guidelines prior to your admission.


  • Please bring all prescribed medications and a copy of your current prescription with you. This may be obtained from your GP or from your pharmacy.
  • If you are taking any High-Tech Medicines, please bring enough for the duration of your stay in hospital.
  • If you are taking anti-coagulant therapy such as Warfarin, Aspirin, diabetic medications or oral contraceptive pill, please contact your Consultant / Consultant’s secretary prior to your admission, as you may need to discontinue this medication before your procedure.

What to bring?

  • All in-patients of the Hospital should bring night-wear, a dressing gown, slippers and toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, towel, etc.) with them. We advise patients to leave valuables such as jewellery and money at home, as we cannot accept responsibility for lost items.


  • We advise that you organise transport to and from the Hospital if you are having sedation or will be under a general anaesthetic during your procedure.

Smoking Policy

  • Aut Even Hospital, in common with all public buildings in Ireland, operates a strict no smoking policy within the building. Designated smoking areas are provided within the hospital grounds.

Special Provisions regarding MRSA/Norovirus

It is the policy of Aut Even Hospital to assess all patients MRSA status.