Patients without private health insurance cover can also gain access to the services at Aut Even Hospital.

The Hospital has developed a concise Self-Payer price list for patients who wish to pay privately for their Hospital procedures. This option allows patients without private cover to access the exceptional quality of care provided at Aut Even Hospital across a range surgical procedures.

You can view our Self-Payer pricelist by clicking below:

Self-Payer Pricelist

If the procedure you require is not on contained on this price list, please contact our Patient Accounts Department on 056 7775 194 to discuss further.

All Self-Payer hospital procedure prices include the Hospital technical fee and all professional fees for the Hospital admission. Theatre costs for the procedure(s), nursing care, accommodation, routinely used drugs, dressings and consumables required during the inpatient stay, along with patient meals and beverages, are included in the price.