As a patient of Aut Even, you have rights as laid out in the Aut Even Hospital Charter. These are:

  • The Hospital will ensure your care is considerate and respectful of your own personal values and beliefs and will respond to spiritual and religious beliefs that you may hold.
  • The Hospital will ensure care is respectful of your right to privacy and in line with GDPR legislation.
  • The Hospital will ensure all your information remains confidential.
  • The Hospital will ensure swift access to care in a safe, secure and protected environment.
  • The Hospital will ensure the highest standard of care using research based (clinical) concepts and treatments.
  • The Hospital will support and encourage you and your families’ right to participate in the care process.
  • The Hospital will provide clear and concise information regarding your condition, proposed treatments and procedures, including any side effects and associated risks.
  • The Hospital recognises your right to request a second opinion and will endeavour to facilitate as requested.
  • The Hospital will ensure that all patients can clearly understand details of their care and treatment. This may be facilitated by interpreters or other sources.  All information will be delivered in a timely manner.
  • The Hospital will respect your wishes if you decline or wish to discontinue treatment, having been given all relevant information to allow you make an informed decision.
  • The Hospital will ensure you receive appropriate assessment and management of any pain.
  • The Hospital endeavours to ensure your right to respectful and compassionate care at the end of life.
  • The Hospital respects your right to complain or voice a difference of opinion and will act upon receipt of a complaint and aid to resolve differences of opinion as effectively and appropriately as possible.
  • Your care shall be equitable and the Hospital will respect your culture and religion.


Child Safeguarding

The publication of a Child Safeguarding Statement is a requirement under the Children First Act 2015 for organisations working with children and families. This is a written statement that specifies the service being provided and the principles and procedures to be observed in order to ensure, as far as practicable, that a child availing of the service is safe from harm. Under the Children First Act 2015, all organisations working with children and families and which are classed as ‘relevant services’, must have a Child Safeguarding Statement in place. To read our Statement on Child Safeguarding, please click here: Safeguarding Statement 2021