Aut Even Hospital invites all patients to complete our Patient Satisfaction Survey. This is available to all patients and visitors of Aut Even Hospital.

The Hospital values the receipt of complaints and comments as it highlights areas we can improve upon in order to continue to provide a quality service.

For more information on our complaints process, please see information below

Should you have a complaint to make about the Hospital’s services, we ask you to detail any grievances directly with the staff involved at the time of the incident. If this is not possible, the manager on duty in the area or designate will be available to you.

It is Hospital policy to ensure that all complaints, both verbal and written, are investigated swiftly and that an outcome is communicated to the patient or person making the complaint thereafter.

Complaints received following a patient’s discharge are also investigated and the patient firstly receives an acknowledgement of receipt of their complaint.  Following an investigation into the complaint, the patient will receive a report of the investigation in a timely manner.