Aut Even’s Sleep Clinic provides patients with diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders.

Sleep Studies are a vital component of Respiratory Medicine and are integral for the correct diagnosis and management of sleep and circadian disorders, including periodic limb movement disorder, narcolepsy, and sleep apnoea syndrome.

Obstructive Sleep Apnoea syndrome (OSA) is a breathing disorder that occurs during sleep where a person pauses or stops breathing. In some cases it appears that the muscles of the airways collapse during sleep and cause nocturnal choking, which in turn causes interruptions in sleep. Patients suffer the consequences of poor sleep quality and may experience excessive sleepiness throughout the day. Patients that arrive at our Sleep Clinic often complain of morning headaches, daytime fatigue, snoring, or sleepiness.

The ideal way to fully understand a patient’s sleep disorder is through an overnight admission to Aut Even’s Sleep Clinic for a formal sleep study known as Polysomnography (PSG).

PSG provides eight hours (about 1000 pages of tracings) of simultaneous measures of rapid eye movements, EEG, oxygen saturation, EMG, ECG, periodic limb movement, microphone, respiratory movements and heart rate. The study provides the data on which the interpretation of the sleep test relies: quality of sleep, snoring, periodic leg movement and the presence and extent of any respiratory related sleep disorders.

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Respiratory Consultant

Dr John Faul