Aut Even’s Physiotherapy Department offers an extensive musculoskeletal service, along with the best in respiratory, surgical and gerontology care.

Where appropriate, our Physiotherapists will work closely with Consultants to combine their expert knowledge and skills for the provision of the most thorough package of care to suit each patient’s particular needs.

The Physiotherapy Department at Aut Even provides patients with a broad range of expert services, including:

  • Rapid rehabilitation programme (post hip and knee replacement)
  • Foot and ankle rehabilitation post-surgery
  • Sport injury rehabilitation (post knee and shoulder surgery)
  • Back, neck and joint disorders
  • Muscle, ligament and tendon injuries
  • Rheumatology management
  • Orthotics and footwear advice
  • Soft tissue massage, deep tissue and trigger point release
  • Manual therapy including joint mobilisations and manipulations
  • Dry needling
  • Functional rehabilitation
  • Core stability rehabilitation
  • Electrotherapy e.g. ultrasound, interferential
  • Rehabilitation post gynaecological surgery, classes and individual consultations
  • Assessment and treatment for a range of lung conditions including COPD, chest infections, bronchiectasis
  • Assessment and  treatment of geriatric and neurological conditions
  • Mobility and balance retraining, exercise prescription and falls prevention
What is isokinetics?
Isokinetic testing is the gold standard for muscle strength testing. It is a computerized measurement of muscle function and output and is the treatment of choice of top athletes and sports teams’ worldwide. Isokinetic testing can be used to assess return to form following an injury or surgery. For athletes and sports teams, it can be used as part of pre-season testing to identify potential areas of muscle weakness or imbalances which may lead to injury e.g. athlete with recurrent hamstring strains

How does it work?
It gives a lot of information that is impossible to tell with manual testing. It compares one side to the other ie good side muscles to weaker side. It also compares your results to how strong someone of your height and weight should be. These are just a small number of the total measurements it takes. Repeated tests are used to measure progress. The isokinetic machine can also be used for rehabilitation of muscle groups using the bio-feedback settings.

For more information and pricing please contact our physiotherapy department on 056 7775226

How to access the service

  • Self-Referral: It is possible to see one of our Physiotherapists without a GP referral letter.
  • GP / Consultant Referral: Your Consultant/GP may also refer you to a Physiotherapist at Aut Even.
  • Follow-Up Referral: Following an inpatient stay or procedure at Aut Even, your Physiotherapist may arrange a follow-up appointment for you.

For self-referral please contact: 056 7775 226

The cost of our Out-Patient Physiotherapy Service is €50 per 40 minute session.

Women’s Health Physiotherapy Service is €90 for initial consultation and €50 for each session after the initial consultation.  (Approximately 1 hour session).

Treatments by a Chartered Physiotherapist are eligible for refund by all major health insurance companies and by occupational schemes provided by Gardai, ESB and Prison Officers. Cover is dependent on your individual policy but your insurer can inform you of your specific plan/ entitlements and method of reimbursement.


Jane Campbell, Physiotherapy Manager

Samantha Gilman, Senior Physiotherapist

Fiona McGoldrick, Senior Physiotherapist

Ciara Morrissey, Senior Physiotherapist

Elaine Kennington, Strength & Conditioning/Physiotherapy Assistant


Jane Campbell, Physiotherapy Manager

Jane graduated with an Honours degree in Physiotherapy, from the University of the West of England. She continued to work in the UK for the National Health Service as a rotational junior and senior physiotherapist in the area of musculoskeletal and Orthopaedics. She spent 3 years in New Zealand managing a busy private practice on the North Island. On her return to Ireland in 2004, Jane moved to Galway and shortly began work as a Research Physiotherapist. She completed her Masters of Clinical Research in 2010, investigating knee pain and pathology location. She has both published and presented her work on knee surgery and rehabilitation at Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Conferences nationally and internationally.

She is a strong advocate for injury prevention, particularly in the knee and lower limb. As a former dancer and gymnast, and now runner, she understands the importance of being sport specific. Her approach is to use functional and bio-mechanical assessments to diagnose the underlying problem rather than treating the symptoms alone. Her research background means she strives to use the latest evidence based treatments.

Ciara Morrissey, Senior Physiotherapist

Ciara graduated from the University of Huddersfield in 2009 with an Honours Bachelor of Science Degree in Physiotherapy.  Since then she has worked in a wide range of settings, from the NHS to her current role in Aut Even Hospital where she started in 2013.  She has also worked extensively in Kilkenny with a range of sports teams and in private practice.

In addition to this wealth of experience, Ciara has qualifications as a Pilates Instructor and is Dry Needling Practitioner. Ciara is currently undertaking a Masters in Advanced Manipulative Physiotherapy from the University of Birmingham.

Fiona McGoldrick, Women’s Health Physiotherapist (BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy, Caledonian University, Glasgow)

Fiona commenced her career in the Scottish National Health Service as a rotational junior gathering a broad range of experience including women’s health in the area of obstetrics and gynaecology.

Upon returning to Ireland she worked as a senior physiotherapist in intensive care and surgery at St. Vincent’s hospital, Dublin and subsequently advanced her career in general & gynecological surgery and intensive care at the John Radcliffe NHS Trust, Oxford.

In 2012 Fiona secured the post of physiotherapy manager at Aut Even Hospital, Kilkenny. In addition to departmental manager and lead physiotherapist to patients post gynaecological surgery, she trained as a manual handling instructor. She held this position until early 2016 when she chose to focus her efforts on her clinical work in women’s health. She continues to enjoy working in the acute post-op setting but in addition now reviews patients privately providing education and guidance to those with pelvic dysfunction. Ongoing post-graduate learning enables her to grow and develop skills and knowledge in this specialist area. At all times, she aims to provide the most current and evidence-based advice and treatments to patients

Fiona’s experience in the acute hospital setting combined with her keen interest and background in exercise provide her with an excellent understanding of the importance of physiotherapy in optimising women’s health. Fiona is a firm advocate of the positive relationship between fitness, health and well-being and is passionate about empowering women to remain in or resume activity and the lifestyle they desire.

Fiona is a member of the Irish Chartered Physiotherapists in Women’s Health and Continence (CPWHC) group and the UK Pelvic, Obstetric and Gynaecological Physiotherapy (POGP) group.

Samantha Lowry, Senior Physiotherapist

Samantha is originally from the UK and graduated from the University of Brighton in 2010 with an Honours degree in Physiotherapy. From there she went on to complete her junior rotations within the National Health Service before specialising in palliative care.  Samantha moved to Ireland and joined Aut Even Hospital at the end of 2016, taking up the role of Senior Medical/Respiratory Physiotherapist.

From her past experience Samantha has a wealth of knowledge treating neurological and respiratory conditions. She is also an advocate for falls prevention and the important role Physiotherapy intervention can have. Samantha looks after our falls class and is available for out-patient appointments for such conditions as stroke rehabilitation, MS and Parkinsons.

Elaine Kennington, Strength & Conditioning Specialist/Physiotherapist Assistant

Elaine graduated with an Honours degree in Health Promotion, from Waterford Institute of Technology in 2011. During her studies she spent 6 months working in Alaska as an individual support specialist with HOPE Community Resources, working with people with physical and intellectual disabilities.  Upon returning she continued to work in Tipperary for the HSE as a health care assistant working in the older adult services for 6 years.  While continuing to work in the HSE Elaine completed her Masters in Strength and Conditioning from Carlow Institute of Technology in 2018.

Elaine has a keen interest in sports, in particular basketball and karate. She currently is a member of the Marble City Hawks Premier League Basketball team and has managed to mix her love of basketball with work.  She was the Strength & Conditioning coach for the U18 Irish female national basketball squad who competed in the European “A” Division, for the first time, in Irish Basketball history, in August 2018.  Elaine focuses on prehab, basic movement patterns, and injury prevention as well as player wellness.  Now, Elaine is currently working with the U20 Irish female national basketball squad as they prepare for the Europeans in 2019.

Elaine works with our Physiotherapists in our range of strengthening classes and is available for strength and conditioning consultations.