Aut Even Hospital is pleased to offer a Medical Admissions Service. This provides GPs with an instant, expert referral system for patients who require an urgent, general medical Consultant opinion.

This is a unique private hospital service in the South East region and aims to ensure that GPs and their patients are provided with quick, convenient medical referrals and subsequently, appropriate testing, diagnoses and care.

The Hospital promises:

  • Minimal waiting times for bed availability (patients admitted within 30 minutes)
  • Access to a 24-hour service every day
  • Access to a 24-hour House Doctor
  • Access to highly specialised multidisciplinary and nursing teams
  • Access to the following areas of expertise;
    • Cardiology (Dr. John Clarke, Dr. Micháel de Buitléir)
    • Gastroenterology (Dr. Abdur Aftab)
    • Geriatrics (Dr. Rory McGovern, Dr. Paul Cotter)
    • Endocrinology (Dr. Mary Ryan)
    • Haemotology (Dr. Brian Hennessy)
    • Radiology (Dr. Tom Murray)
    • Respiratory (Dr. John Faul)
    • Rheumatology (Dr. Fahim Khan)
    • Neurology (Dr. Paul Crowley)

To refer a patient, please contact Aut Even’s Bed Manager on 056 7775 269.

Admission Protocol for General Practitioners

  1. Enquire if patient has adequate insurance cover for Aut Even Hospital
  2. Contact the Bed Manager on 056 777 5269 with the following information.
    • Name, DOB, Insurance Cover
    • Presenting Complaint (acute or chronic)
    • Admitting Consultant if preferable
    • Routine or Urgent admission
  3. Fax/post a detailed letter of referral with a list of patient’s current medications attached, to the relevant Consultant’s secretary.
  4. Inform the patient of their admission time and date to Aut Even Hospital.

For a list of conditions treated within this service, and further details, please click below

Medical Admissions at Aut Even