Hospital Updates

Storm Emma: Hospital Statement

Aut Even Hospital remains open today (Thursday March 1st), however, all elective surgeries from lunch time today have been cancelled.

As a result of the severe weather warning and in line with national guidelines, all out-patient appointments and scheduled surgeries for tomorrow, Friday March 2nd, have been cancelled.

Should you have any queries in relation to […]

March 1st, 2018|Blog, Hospital Updates|

Hurricane Ophelia: Hospital Statement

5.15pm Monday 16th October:

Normal electricity supply has resumed. All scheduled surgeries for Tues 17th Oct will take place as originally planned. If you are unable to travel to attend your surgery or out-patient appointment on Tues 17th Oct please make contact with either the Hospital (056 7775275) or your Consultant’s secretary.

4.30pm Monday 16th October:

Aut […]

October 16th, 2017|Blog, Hospital Updates|

Strike Before Stroke

September is Heart Health month. This year, the Irish Heart Foundation have focused their heart awareness campaign around the topic of ‘Let’s Strike Before Stroke’.

One in five people will have a stroke at some time in their life. Most are over 65, but stroke can strike at any age. Even young people and children […]

September 25th, 2017|Blog, Hospital Updates|

Review of ACL Patients Post Surgery

The Faculty of Sports and Exercise Medicine, based in the Royal College of Surgeons held their annual scientific meeting on the third weekend in September. The meeting is co-hosted by the Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapist and Athletic Rehabilitation Therapy Ireland. This theme for this year’s conference was Exercise Medicine and Physical Activity for Health.

Aut […]

September 22nd, 2017|Hospital Updates|

A great ‘Great Pink Run’

The Great Pink Run took place in Kilkenny  on Sunday September 10th, 2017.

The event,  which saw more than 1,500 participants take part in both the 5k and 10k races, is dedicated to raising funds for Breast Cancer Ireland.  This year, so far, the Great Pink Run has raised €370,000.

Organisers were thrilled with the turn-out in Kilkenny. […]

September 13th, 2017|Hospital Updates|



In Ireland an estimated 80,000 adults are diagnosed annually with coronary heart disease. This figure is expected to grow to more than 103,000 by 2020. In 2011, 5,563 people were discharged from hospital with a primary diagnosis of myocardial infarction (heart attack) while 2,157 people died from this condition in the same […]

September 13th, 2017|Hospital Updates|

Happy Heart Healthy Eating Award 2017

Happy Heart Healthy Eating Award 2017
The aim of Irish Heart’s Happy Heart at Work programme is to assist any workplace to plan, implement and maintain a healthy lifestyle programme for employees.
Irish Heart has introduced an innovative graded system to its long-standing Happy Heart at Work Healthy Eating Award for staff restaurants.
Heart disease and stroke is […]

June 1st, 2017|Hospital Updates|

Protect your skin in the sun

Skin Cancer is the most common cancer in Ireland with over 10,000 new cases diagnosed in 2013. The national Cancer registry of Ireland expects this number to double by 2040. Three in every four people in Ireland have skin types 1 or 2 which means our skin burns and does not tan, or it burns […]

May 4th, 2017|Hospital Updates|

The Great Pink Run

The Great Pink Run with Avonmore Slimline Milk comes to Kilkenny this September

2,800 women are diagnosed with breast cancer each year and on Sunday, 10th September the Great Pink Run with Avonmore Slimline Milk will come to Kilkenny Castle. Now in its 7th year, this is the first time the Great Pink Run event will […]

April 13th, 2017|Hospital Updates|

Running & The Pelvic Floor

Your pelvic floor and running

How to protect and enhance your support

Running can be a very effective way to keep fit and can be tailored to suit all fitness levels, however for those with pelvic floor problems it can be challenging. This information does not seek to endorse high impact exercise with pelvic floor dysfunction but […]

March 24th, 2017|Hospital Updates|