Infection screening at Aut Even Hospital ensures patients entering the hospital are risk-assessed. Should an infection of any kind be found, the staff will put in extra precautionary measures to prevent it spreading elsewhere in the Hospital.

The Hospital’s Infection Prevention & Control staff recognise the importance of surveillance in relation to MRSA, blood-stream infections, antibiotic prophylaxis, surgical site infections and needle-stick injuries.

The Hospital’s surveillance expands every year to deal with new and emerging infections. We perform regular audits in the areas of; hand hygiene, sharps and MRSA.

The infection screening and control team hold regular training sessions and awareness days for everyone in the Hospital to ensure staff are kept abreast of any changes or developments in the area.

Aut Even Hospital possesses the latest infection screening equipment which has a proven track record in stopping infection at its source. Fogging machines, which pump a fine anti-bacterial fog into a room and which neutralise any organism present, have been one of the latest additions to complement the current infection prevention and control measures in the Hospital.

For patients suffering from respiratory infections like tuberculosis, dedicated rooms are provided. These rooms include a HEPA filter which extracts the air, cleans it and releases it again.

Flu or other Infectious Respiratory Disease

Flu & other infectious respiratory diseases are contagious and can easily spread from person to person through coughing, sneezing & contaminated hands. Some common symptoms are: headache, high temperature and cough.

For the safety of our patients and those visiting them, we are ask that members of the public do not visit if they are suffering from flu like symptoms. We also ask that all visitors use the hand hygiene gel provided on entry and exit from the hospital.

If you are scheduled for a procedure & are suffering from flu like symptoms, please contact your consultant.

Patients presenting to the hospital with flu like symptoms will be asked to wear a mask until their infectious status can be confirmed.