The Faculty of Sports and Exercise Medicine, based in the Royal College of Surgeons held their annual scientific meeting on the third weekend in September. The meeting is co-hosted by the Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapist and Athletic Rehabilitation Therapy Ireland. This theme for this year’s conference was Exercise Medicine and Physical Activity for Health.

Aut Even Hospital was again represented at the conference. This year Ciara Morrissey, Chartered Physiotherapist from Aut Even, presented data in conjunction with Mr Breandán Long, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon and Jane Campbell Physiotherapy Manager. Their study reviewed patients who had their anterior cruciate ligament(ACL) re-constructed when they were under the age of sixteen. Participants in the study were invited back a number of years after they had completed their rehabilitation period. They had their muscle strength tested using the Biodex isokinetics machine along with a number of other assessments looking at their agility and factors influencing their rehabilitation journey.

The study found little or no negative issues with the knee post-surgery, or with the use of the hamstring to remodel the anterior cruciate ligament. In spite of this, a number of participants did not return to sport. In this particular study 25% of participants had not returned to sport for a variety of reasons. The highest proportion of these were female, which is quite topical at the moment. The Physiotherapy team with Breandán Long hope to look further into this as part of a future study they are conducting.