What is isokinetics?
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Isokinetic testing is the gold standard for muscle strength testing. It is a computerized measurement of muscle function and is the treatment of choice of top athletes and sports teams’ worldwide. Isokinetic testing can be used to assess return to form following an injury or surgery. For example, following anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction surgery, the experts recommend no more than a 10% difference in leg strength between the operated and un-operated side, before clearing a player to return to sport. The only way of accurately assessing this strength difference is to use an isokinetics machine.
For athletes and sports teams, isokinetics can also be used as part of pre-season testing to identify potential areas of muscle weakness or imbalances which may lead to injury e.g. athletes with recurrent hamstring strains can be identified and strength training programmes designed accordingly.
How does it work?
It gives a lot of information that is impossible to tell with manual testing. It compares one side to the other i.e. good side muscles to weaker side/operated to non-operated side. It also compares your own results to data, stored in the computer, of how strong someone of your height and weight should be. These are just a small number of the total measurements it assesses. Repeated tests are used to measure progress. The isokinetic machine can also be used for rehabilitation of muscle groups using the bio-feedback settings.
Aut Even Physiotherapy Department are fortunate to have a Biodex System 3 Isokinetics machine in our newly refurbished Physiotherapy Gym.
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